No f***ing superfoods

So here is the thing from last night and this morning, brilliant positive texts on good healthy food, for which many thanks are offered. So, out goes white bread and in comes wholemeal bread (some in the machine as we speak); no smoking and no booze; red meat no more than once a week (chance would be a fine thing!!); lots of oily fish; fresh and raw veg; no processed food; no sugar; no fizz or pop. Sounds do-able? Jase thinks it sounds fine, not that different to our usual diet (see if you can spot the differences!!), so long as there are, and I quote, “no f***ing superfoods”. I’ll second that!


2 thoughts on “No f***ing superfoods

  1. You have my heart felt sympathy. My husband had throat cancer 6 years ago and made a complete recovery. And now here I am supporting another family member through testicular cancer. Christmas day spent in a hospital! Look after yourself and live a day at a time and have fun whenever you can. You don’t need to look down that big dark hole. Stay positive and don’t forget your broccoli!


    • Thank you so much for your message x Tonight’s treat is a curry and watching Take Me Out with teengirl and Jase’s best mate who has just driven 200 miles for the privilege!!


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