How did this happen?

How did this happen? I’m writing this post mainly just as a record of what did happen to get us to Wednesday 21st January 2015. Jase went into primary care on Sunday morning, not being able to wee. He was admitted to an assessment ward that afternoon (no spaces on the urology ward) and catheterised. By the time we were able to visit, he was in an increasing amount of pain, by 7pm he was on 2-hourly liquid morphine. This continued through the night, I have never seen anyone in so much pain before. Monday he was still on the assessment ward, having ongoing ‘tube related’ procedures all to do with the amount of bleeding and clots forming in his bladder. Tuesday brought a move to urology and the long awaited cat scan. His pain seemed more under control. There is a lot of waiting. Wednesday, this part is really hard to write, Jase called me at about 1pm, telling me the news that he had cancer and he needed to have his kidney removed. I then drove to the hospital, went and found him in a treatment room with the registrar and Jenny the (his) specialist cancer nurse. The rest, as they say, is history. We were told that there would be a meeting of the specialist surgeons on Friday 23rd January, and that there would be a treatment planning meeting the following week. That’s all we know.


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