Funny where things can go

OK so well we all know this, in families sometimes things can go somewhere you don’t expect. Tonight I didn’t expect that smallboy (tired, just home from gymnastics) trying to load a ‘pay as you go’ credit would result in everyone (I mean all four of us) in tears. Major drama, shouting, crying, stomping. OMG I called my suffering, sore, scared, cancer patient husband a lot of horrible names, the most printable of which was a ‘grumpy f**k’, whoops! Heyho, I guess its all part of keeping things normal (I hope). Just so you know, we have a 10 minute fester rule in our house, so it was all soon sorted, including the phone code. Teengirl (having recovered from being kicked in the face) even allowed him to use her best loved product in a much needed bath. So they are all sleeping now, and maybe the evening’s drama might even have a bright side or two. Teengirl had her first shared damn good cry about how shite everything is (and managed to tuck in a D grade chemistry test result, she’s good), I didn’t join in with the weeping at that point, and even  managed to be slightly adult in my support, consolation and chemistry based feedback. Oh, the other bright side has been a flash of creativity. Funny where things take you, like me writing this but not being able to work on any of my crochet. So, anyway I mentioned to teengirl that I wanted a tattoo with our names on, she said it was too pikey, but that something to represent each of us would be fine. So, my design is almost done, just need to find the right artist. I will post a photo when its done. So where will things go? Me and Jase had a good chat about the next few days, his fears about surgery, I think he would cope better if they were giving him a local, all that loss of control is really hard to come to terms with. His fears are this week, mine are next. Its funny where things end up, I’m hopeful that for no matter what, we are better and stronger and even sometimes kinder to each other because of it xxx


3 thoughts on “Funny where things can go

  1. My family and I went through some dark times nearly 20 years ago now, when my kids were 16, 19 and 21 and your oh-so-real description of events sounds very familiar! All that turbulence ridden with a rich mix of pain, black humour and a strong seam of familial love. Your 10min rule sounds great – wish I had thought of that – we used to have 10min (or maybe longer?!) of “F**K fest” time, when we were all alllowed to swear the very worst words we knew, strung together with hideous creativity! It usually ended in tears and laughter and sometimes hugs. Thank you for sharing so honestly. ❤

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  2. Ha ha smallboy would love that!! Probably not just yet!!! We have ‘buggeration’ as the one allowable post-hammer-blow-to-finger type word, but that worked better when they were wee and thought it was really naughty! I hope your dark times passed xxx

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