He is home!

Stitched together with staples and meds, but home. What a relief. Today, on the order of teengirl, we have done sleeping, movie watching and roast chicken eating. Jase has done some shuffling about, and insisted on making the gravy, fine. Smallboy has done nursing, the drugs round (including injections, blimey) and general gwas for his dad. Elvis is feeling less confused.

They are all in bed now, and I have just spent a fantastic couple of hours on the phone to my lovely Snail. I hope that I listened as well as she did and could also offer her positivity, cheesy quote time, one I saw today, ‘your real friends might not always be by your side, but they have always got your back’, I love her for that x

So nothing else really, just relief, not thinking about anything more, just loving hearing their sleeping sounds. When we had the van, this was always my favourite part of the day, everyone in a tiny space, all that you need in a tiny space, sleeping, and together x


4 thoughts on “He is home!

    • You are absolutely right, she is turning out to be such an amazing person, her insight is just always bob on. We joke about her occasional bossiness, maybe she will run a prison, be a head teacher, rule the world…but actually she is also developing a fantastic compassionate side, maybe she will help the most fearsome prisoners, build lives for the hardest hit children, and just make the world a better place, we are so lucky to have her. Smallboy is more like me, huge amounts of activity is our stress response of choice, just like Dori in ‘Finding Nemo’ we just have to keep swimming x
      Yes another good sleeping night, thank you for your watch over us xxx

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