Ben’s visit, another gift x

Ben bobbed in for tea last night on his way from home to Edinburgh for work, and today he came to stay on his way to Manchester tomorrow. Jase was really happy to see him, they interact in such a natural way, its good to see. No need for much talking or many explanations, we are just glad he is here. I ranted at/to him by text the other night, I love his gentle inferred understanding without need to expand on anything now he is here.

The man is tired today, realising that he has to take things much more slowly than he thought possible.

So Ben is our gift today, but not the only one, we have feasted on a yummy lasagne cooked by the husband of one of my WI buddies. I do love my WI buddies, and the WI generally, an amazing bunch of women who spend more time campaigning for women’s rights and drinking prosecco than they do making jam. I am glad to be one of them. Good sleeping sounds upstairs so I’m off to bed, in a slightly panicy mode as I have finished my book (‘If God was a Rabbit’, highly recommended), will root out another, night all xx


6 thoughts on “Ben’s visit, another gift x

  1. Hurray for Ben, he sounds like a great chum to have. I like the new WI image too – women’s rights and prosecco, your branch sounds as if the average age is a little lower than the one in our village! Which is a bit more worthy talks and coffee mornings (however, I’m not a member so perhaps there are hidden depths I don’t hear about). I haven’t read a book for ages – thanks for the tip – I’m straight over to Google it now …. wishing you many more happy gifts today, and tomorrow and ……

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    • Ben is cool, he is Jases youngest brother, so handy right now, having lots to call in on us! AND he put up a mirror for me today, good man! Wishing you gifts each and every day too xx

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