One dragon slayed

Yesterday we had the call back appointment with Jase’s surgeon. They are confident that the tumour (a type 3 tumour – anyone know what that means? – just googled it, wished I hadn’t!) was contained within his left kidney and so it is all gone!!! They are happy with his recovery, and have said he can drive when ever he is ready. So, Dragons 0 Robinsons 1!

Our next battle approaches. Jase has been transferred to an oncology consultant, and we await *sigh* the appointment, followed by another scan in May to look at the two enlarged lymph nodes around his aorta, and then chemo starting after that.

So it looks like we need to put the next dragon in a box for a bit, get on with our lives, and make sure he is fit for the fight.

Teengirl is also going through it this week, with four one hour English controlled assessments, two teeth extractions, her grade 4 piano exam, a netball tournament, her brace fitting and a piano recital.

We are looking forward to the holidays already!


11 thoughts on “One dragon slayed

  1. Delighted to hear about the successful dragon slaying! Fantastic. A bit of a breather to gather some strength. Tough week for Teengirl tho – it sounds to me like she is a multi-talented Teengirl – good luck to her for all those challenges. ❤

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  2. Thank you :), and yes, I need to see this time waiting not as time waiting, but as time to prepare ourselves, physically and within ourselves. I’m planning the veg beds, both as a diversion for me now, as well as a good source of strength through the spring and summer.
    Thank you for your good luck wishes for Teengirl, the teeth were done today, man she is nails, didn’t flinch an inch, even with the molar. We’ve not dared to look at them yet! Piano exam tomorrow, fingers crossed xxx


  3. Well said – time to build yourselves up. I’m sending hugs down the hill. Glad teeth went well for Teengirl, will probably be healed over by the weekend, best of luck to her for all the rest of her packed schedule! Xx

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  4. Good plan Sarah – time to build yourselves up. I’m sending hugs down the hill. Well done to Teengirl regarding the teeth – will probably be healed over by the weekend. Good luck to her on the rest of her busy schedule! Xx

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  5. When there are cliffs to climb, floods to cross and fires to douse, those are the days we put on our crampons, launch our boats and make sure we don’t run out of extinguishers. And as for dragon-days, it sounds as though your swords are pretty sharp. Hoping and praying other dragons will be well and truly too terrified to try another attack.

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