And the wheels really do just keep turning…

…for everyone. I started writing this blog to help me make a record of Mr R’s cancer (I was going to say illness then!) and also just have a place where I could verbalise some feelings, but was perturbed by some weird internet stuff, which stopped me continuing with it. This did actually make me feel like I had let people down, those people who even though I don’t know, had offered me support across the internet-waves, so to you, please accept my apologies.

So why am I back?

Well two reasons (hang on, let me just get my drink), or maybe three actually. Firstly, gosh how times flies – Teengirl is in university and is SO amazing and the boy is such a lovely young man – he is Teenboy now, just wanted to put that out there! Secondly, Mr R told a friend of his about this blog and so I thought it was only polite of me to bring it up to date and say hello to them – Hello!!! 🙂

And thirdly, well things cancer-wise have moved on. Mr R has had a bit of a rough ride this year – 2018 – and is currently recovering from surgery to remove a third of his right lung. We were at the oncologist’s today as it happens, nothing much to report, another scan and see her again on the 4th January 2019. Gosh that means we are nearly four years in. Gosh. I wish I could tell you all about the amazing things I have learnt in the mean time which have made me oh-so wise and zenlike. Hmm. Nope, we are still just one little family. I think we are calmer, more accepting, less panicable (is that a word?, wordpress says no) just trying to make the most of stuff xx

So the wheels really do keep turning, maybe soon I will be able to fill you in a bit more soon, and thank you for all your kind comments before xxx



2 thoughts on “And the wheels really do just keep turning…

  1. Well, hello! I haven’t been writing much either recently, at least not on the blog. But I have been seeing lots of lovely people for real (as you know) and wading through the brain fog. I was going to call soon and see how things were going… I just need to try to remember at a sensible time, rather than 2am or whilst I’m out walking the dogs… brain fog, see? How’s the periodic table? Do post a photo here, I’m sure everyone would like to see it.


  2. I have been thinking about you and how thing mightbe going for you and stumbled across this post this morning from a link I found in the Comments on my blog from way back. So since your post we have had a couple of years and this wierdly challenging time thrown into your mix. Sending love and positve thougths your way.


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