This time last week

Life is so weird. Its really odd to think that this time last week we had no idea what was coming towards us. I was scrolling through my text messages earlier, and realised that there a bunch of texts from Jase ‘from before’, him talking about having had his scan, what time we were visiting, when the doctor was due to do a bladder wash, just ordinary stuff. It gave me such a jolt, realising that these messages were all from before we knew. I can’t quite delete them yet.

Tomorrow we are going to meet the consultant surgeon, 3pm. We have organised the squibs to be with friends after school, they are keen just to be bimbling with the friends they would usually see in any case. Jase has just gone for a snooze having had his 8pm meds. Remind me to ask him to talk to the docs about changing his dose at bed time so it lasts till the morning.

My lovely friend Melissa has given me a really helpful food list, I hope to put a bit more of it into action everyday. Hilariously, is recommends breast milk as being better than cows milk, I think that might come under Jase’s “no f***ing super-foods” list!!!


No f***ing superfoods

So here is the thing from last night and this morning, brilliant positive texts on good healthy food, for which many thanks are offered. So, out goes white bread and in comes wholemeal bread (some in the machine as we speak); no smoking and no booze; red meat no more than once a week (chance would be a fine thing!!); lots of oily fish; fresh and raw veg; no processed food; no sugar; no fizz or pop. Sounds do-able? Jase thinks it sounds fine, not that different to our usual diet (see if you can spot the differences!!), so long as there are, and I quote, “no f***ing superfoods”. I’ll second that!