So quiet…

Jase is in bed at the moment, his pain medication makes him really drowsy after he takes it, so he is trying to fit some adjustments into how he organises his days. He is also pooped as we have had a bit of a weekend, visits from two of his best buddies, good times 🙂 And a walk and lunch out today, the house seems quiet now they have gone home. One, an orthopaedic surgeon, arrived on Friday evening from Cardiff with four different bottles of whisky – that didn’t seem right at all! The other, a very straight talking bloke, said that yes, he would like to follow this blog, but not if it got too heavy. Charming. You know who you are!!


On the up side….

Had a lovely morning, we both woke early and enjoyed a brew in bed before the squibs came to join us. A hang over free Saturday morning, don’t think I’ve had one of those since I was pregnant!!!

Talking of the squibs, how do you tell your children their Dad has cancer? How do you make sure they understand what’s going on? How can you be sure they are OK? What about when they are at school? What are they thinking? What are they telling their friends? Do they think he is going to die? As Jase was in hospital, it was down to me to tell them the news on Wednesday after school. It went OK, but only I think because it didn’t really sink in. In the days following, small boy has reacted with bouts of non-compliance, not sure about my beautiful teengirl. I think that she is OK. She has asked questions, taken on board information, spent a lot of time with her friends, and asked if Granny can come and stay. My plan with them both is to be ever vigilant, whilst trying to maintain normality in their lives, – wish me luck!!!

Chin up

So here is the thing today, I am SO fed up of telling people. Jase had a fabulous idea and this morning he told the one person in the village who would pass on the news quick smart. Had to lever the small boy out of bed and down to school, with as much good humour and positivity as I could muster. He is not in a good place right now, and who can blame him. But he went, Jase got up at the same time and went with him, which helped I think. Oh yes – Jase is home!! As of 2pm yesterday, so lovely. Just need to get the boy back from the end of the pier.